Top 10 PHP Web Development Companies In Chicago, IL

PHP is a popular open source scripting language designed for web development in Chicago,IL. Thanks to a large community of users encouraging continuous development, PHP is one of the most innovative tools for building truly transformative web applications and experiences.

PHP remains one of the most secure server-side web development languages on the market. The Chicago companies listed below specialize in developing and delivering unique, user-friendly web apps and experiences using this efficient and high-quality language.

  1. Codal

    A world-class design and development agency, Codal designs and engineers robust, scalable websites and web applications for companies of all sizes, sectors, and business models. Codal creates strong, robust back-ends that support the digital presence of some of the best brands out there, all powered by world-class PHP development services. Codal ensures seamless integration with businesses’ existing tech stacks, including existing ERP, CRM, and CMS systems.

  2. Chromatic

    Specializing in PHP, Drupal, and frontend technologies, Chromatic is a premier development firm in Chicago. Chromatic’s team helps businesses solve complex challenges with innovative solutions rooted in cutting-edge technologies.

  3. Caxy

    Caxy delivers web solutions using Laravel and Symfony, two of the leading app development frameworks for PHP. WIth an impressive set of technical tools and the experienced developers to deploy them, Caxy builds apps that exceed client and user expectations.

  4. Cre8

    With extensive experience in developing responsive applications, cre8 builds web solutions for the finance, insurance, and manufacturing industries. The company’s applications help clients manage data, transactions, orders, and much more.

  5. LoadSys

    LoadSys initially began as a web development company in 2006. Now, it offers full stack development capabilities to a diverse client base. Its PHP developers help clients build for a scalable future by architecting and implementing intelligent web applications using the latest technologies. LoadSys works with companies in the manufacturing, eCommerce, and insurance industries, as well as groups in the public sector.

  6. Highland

    Founded in 1999, Highland takes a customer-focused approach to designing web applications with PHP. Using insights gained from extensive customer research, Highland helps its clients launch apps with small, multi-disciplinary teams. These teams use rapid prototyping and validation practices to ensure its web apps do more than just meet customer expectations, needs, and desires.

  7. Solid Digital

    Solid Digital is committed to the idea that web applications don’t only need solid code to be successful. Rather, truly transformational web solutions need to be intelligent, interactive, and intuitive, while accurately representing their brand. Its PHP developers are just one piece of its overall full service agency.

  8. Simpalm

    Simpalm combines its extensive HTML5 skillset with PHP knowledge to create smart, responsive websites and web applications. With over seven years of experience, Simpalm’s PHP developers build custom web solutions that meet the unique business needs of a diverse set of clients.

  9. Blueshoon

    Blueshoon’s unique development process begins with an extensive discovery phase that arrives at a unique and innovative concept. Then, its skilled teams work to develop and deliver transformational web solutions using a tried-and-true project management approach.

  10. Dedicated Developers

    Dedicated Developers’ PHP teams of experienced developers and project managers ensure that every project capitalizes on all of PHP’s capabilities. Using the premier PHP development tools and technologies, Dedicated Developers ensures that business make the most of what PHP has to offer.


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