Year: 2020

  • Cloud Seeding In India

     Toward the beginning of August 2019, heavy rains battered regions on Karnataka’s coast and along the Western Ghats, expanding waterways and lowering huge lots of land. Between August 1 and August 10 of year 2019, the beach front areas got more than 1,000 mm of downpour.  In a similar period, about 350 km inland, Raichur […]

  • Ranjit Disale – The Best Teacher In The World 2020

     A 32-year-old Primary school teacher named Ranjit Disale was granted the eagerly awaited Global Teacher prize 2020 constantly cash of $1 million for his broad work in the field of the young lady youngster schooling and altering course readings in India. His monstrous accomplishment drew acclaim globally and exemplified how the purpose of one man, […]

  • Top 50 Financial Companies In Chicago, IL

    1 ) Brian Thompson Financial LLC Website : Contact Person : Brian Thompson, JD, CFP® Email Id : [email protected] 2 ) ActiveTick LLC Website : Contact Person : Vitaly Tyulyaev Email Id : [email protected] 3 ) TopstepTrader Website : Contact Person : Casey Shteamer Email Id : [email protected] 4 ) Anderson Financial […]

  • Top 10 PHP Web Development Companies In Chicago, IL

    PHP is a popular open source scripting language designed for web development in Chicago,IL. Thanks to a large community of users encouraging continuous development, PHP is one of the most innovative tools for building truly transformative web applications and experiences. PHP remains one of the most secure server-side web development languages on the market. The […]

  • Top 10 eCommerce Web Development Companies In Chicago, IL

    These days, customers demand more from brands and online retailers. Consumer behavior is changing, and it’s essential that companies are able to respond to shifts. A successful eCommerce presence is one that draws customers in, delivers a superior experience, and encourages them to come back. Optimizing your store to fulfill these objectives is crucial. Whether […]

  • Top 10 Mobile Application Development Companies in Chicago

    As phone usage outpaces desktop, businesses without a mobile presence are quickly working to get up to speed. These Chicago companies are helping to revitalize businesses by modernizing their legacy technology and equipping them with the tools they need to excel in a digital landscape dominated by the smartphone. Codal As experts in both iOS […]

  • Top 20 Dentists In Chicago, IL

    1 ) Clinic Name : Dentologie Address: 1259 S Wabash Ave Chicago, IL 60605 Phone Number: (312) 846-6752 Clinic Website : Doctor Name : Dr. Mohiuddin Email Id : [email protected] 2 ) Clinic Name : Chicago Dental Studio Address: 443 W Huron St Chicago, IL 60654 Phone Number: (312) 267-1917 Clinic Website : […]

  • Badal Mahal In Dungarpur, Rajasthan


  • Locust Looks Like Neem Tree Leaf

     Some locust are seen in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. That locust are looking like leaf of neem tree.

  • Biostatistics Questions And Answers Of Physiotherapy Subject

    1) When the range of scores and subjects is more than 20 how the data should be organized?Ans.  Group frequency 2) In positively skewed curve _________.Ans.  The tail is in the positive direction & the hump is in the negative direction. 3) A frequency polygon is a _________.Ans.  Line graph 4) A score in the […]