Year: 2018

  • Export Large Size NSF File to PST Format

    Lotus Notes is a platform that provides various applications to end users which may prove useful in business management program. Generally, the application consists all items like emails, calendars, feeds, etc. Lotus Notes client is used to access the database over the LAN and WAN settings. To assist the performance of Lotus Notes, a specialist […]

  • EmailDoctor Office 365 Backup Software

    Security policies are paramount to any organization’s privacy and survival tactics. There are sophisticated forms of attack that take place every day to steal confidential company documents. To protect private conversations from the prying eyes of a hacker one can go for third-party tools. These are professional applications that are designed to extract email folders […]

  • Switching Calendar from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook

    “Recently, our organization migrated from Lotus Notes to Outlook. To synchronize these two clients, we are planning to export all Notes data into Outlook. I would like to know the method of switching Calendar from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook. Can anyone tell me a reliable way to export NSF calendar to PST?” Like this […]

  • How to Copy OST File in Outlook 2013

    Nowadays majority of Outlook users are well-knowing about two Outlook storage files i.e. OST and PST files. OST files are the copy of data that is stored on Exchange server whereas PST files contain complete data of Outlook with all its items and are archived on local machine. However, wide range of Outlook user wants […]