Month: July 2017

  • How to Know Sources of Your Contact Page Visit in Google Analytics

    You must have account in google analytics. Follow below instructions, Open Google analytics account. Click on Behavior menu which is in left side. Click on contact page url. Click on “Secondary Dimension” which is on above the table. Select “Acquisition” and then select “Source”.

  • How to Track LiveChat Event by Google Analytics

    It is very easy to track live chat event by google analytics. For example, Your website has zendesk live chat then insert below code in zendesk api code line (below zendesk api code),Zendesk.setCallback(‘zendesk’, function(’email’, ‘msg’, ‘type’){if (typeof(ga) == ‘function’) { ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘Zendesk’, ‘chat’, email);}else if (typeof(_gaTracker) == ‘function’) { _getTracker(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘Zendesk’, ‘chat’, email);} else { _gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, […]

  • Learn How to Convert IMAP OST to PST Format Efficiently

    There have been changes in Outlook since version 2013 on how IMAP accounts are handled. Earlier, Outlook was creating two IMAP OST, one for emails and the other for contacts and calendars. But now, instead of creating two OST files Outlook now creates only one OST file. This can create problems like inability to move […]