Exact Solution to Fix Internal Error Code Of MS Outlook OST File

It has been noticed that many users of Outlook have experienced problems such as error code: 0000000E and 0x8004103b.Even though such type of errors are prevalent with Outlook but we need to understand the exact reason of its occurrence and solution to resolve it proficiently. So, first let us know about the file that involves such type of error. OST File

The error occurs with OST file so we need to understand first what exactly this OST file is. When an Outlook profile is configured with Exchange Server successfully, a local copy of the Exchange server is cached on the hard drive of system, it is known as Offline Storage Table file. This file allows users to work in offline server conditions an when the server connection is restored, the data that has been worked out in offline conditions are loaded to the mailbox of Server. Now where does the problem come? The problem arises when certain users come across error issues such as

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Reason for Occurrence of Error

  • Virus or malware attack , sudden shutdown of Outlook or incompatibilities resulting to version variations can cause corruption in OST file.
  • One of the problems that occur with OST file is that the items that exist on the server mailbox fail to synchronize with the local OST file. Pertinacious issues in synchronization can lead to corruption of OST files.

Whenever there is corruption of OST file, users come across this sort of errors in Outlook. In such a situation, we need to repair the OST file. Reason being ,OST data are helpful to users in server down time conditions where they don’t have to waste time and can rely on OST files to resume with their work.

Resolution of Internal Error Code: 0000000E

As an end user, you can try any of the two ways mentioned below
1) Rename or delete the OST file: method of rebuilding OST
2) Usage of Scanpst.exe tool: repairing corrupted OST files

Rebuilding OST File

Here, you have to delete the current OST file and start building it again from the scratch. You have to configure Outlook profile with the Exchange server again that will cache a local copy on the hard disk.

This may take a lot of time and often the performance of OST file after rebuilding may not be that great. Scanpst.exe Tool

Scanpst.exe is an inbuilt application in Outlook that can be used for repairing the headers of corrupted PST file. For using it, follow the steps that are given below

1. Exit from Outlook
2. Locate the Scanpst.exe tool on your hard disk
3. Start using it to repair the OST file

Drawbacks of Manual Process

1. You need to be attentive while deleting or renaming an OST file. If there are any unsynchronized items that are left in the local cached copy that was created in Outlook in offline conditions and are not synchronized to the mailbox, then those data will get lost. In that case, you should consider rebuilding the OST file as the last option.
Further, it the mailbox from the server has been deleted then this way will not work out
2. Sacnpst.exe utility may not repair the highly corrupted OST files. If some items are deleted from your OST file because of corruption then you cannot use the in-built tool to recover those deleted files. In some cases, using the tool results in data loss.

Proposed Solution to Renew OST Files in PST

To overcome the impediments of the manual process explained above, it is better to go for a solution that will proffers suitable techniques for recovering the corrupted OST file in Outlook PST file format. As converting, the OST file data to PST will enable users to access the data anytime.

A utility that provides similar technique for how to export OST to PST Outlook 2016 is OST recovery tool. It has advanced two way scanning options that help to recover even the severely corrupted files in PST file format.

Source – http://www.outlook.ostfix.com/microsoft-ost-repair-software.html

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