Month: May 2015

  • UK Based list of Yahoo Email Ids

    This is list of Yahoo email Ids for digital marketing for UK Business. Download the Below CSV File which contain list of Yahoo Email Ids.

  • Get Conversant With the Effective Use of Email as Evidence in Court

    Relevant usage of technologies to cast evidence helps in changing the scene in courtroom towards more productive manner. As within the courtroom, appropriate form of evidence will help the judge to decide faster on pending trials and hence issue a fair judgment. Email as Documentary Evidence Owing to the greater dependence of businesses on email […]

  • Millions of WordPress Websites are vulnerable to Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

    Sucuri, a company that offers a security service that detects unauthorized changes to network (cloud) assets, including web sites, DNS, Whois records, SSL certificates and others, last week’s report came as a shock to most webmasters using WordPress. The report indicated the vulnerability of any WordPress Plugin or theme powered by the genericons package to […]

  • Find Out How To Convert Corrupted OST Data From Offline Mailbox

    Encryption is the strongest aspect of an OST file that ensures its security. The OST files come with a built-in encryption that only allows the OST file to be opened with the mailbox having the matching encryption key to it. However, the integrated encryption was removed since Outlook 2007 version. Though, OST files remained rigid […]

  • Erectile Dysfunction – Facts, Causes and Best Possible Solution

    If you really want to enjoy cocktail of quality and strong on bed performance you have to spend quality time with your partner. You have to fulfill that basic requirement of communication and be him to enjoy that intimacy and with added ingredients of sexual activity. This is especially for women because they can’t let […]

  • Glaucoma – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment in Budget

    What is Glaucoma?Glaucoma has been defined as a group of eye diseases causing optic nerve damage. The optic nerve carries images from the retina, which is the specialized light sensing tissue, connected through brain so that we can see. In Glaucoma, eye pressure plays a role to damage the delicate nerve fibers of the optic […]

  • Solution For Lotus Notes 8 Migration Error – Database Has Not Been Opened Yet

    Lotus Notes is an IBM product owned by Lotus Development Corporation in 1989. It is easy to handle and is collaboration application used to access emails, contacts, calendars and feeds. Along with this some other attractive facilities include discussion forums, file sharing, micro blogging and user directories. It not only works as client but also […]