6 Ways To Combine Your Emails And Social Media

How’s that blog going? Good, you say? Same here. Of course, I could use some more readers, but then again, who couldn’t, right?
Does this sound familiar?
If you’re a blogger – especially one that is trying to make money with your blog, there’s a good chance that you’ve spent your fair share of time trying to figure out how to lure new readers to your blog, and with varying amounts of success.
Most people tend to move toward social media sites like Facebook and Twitter when they want to increase their readership, and they are right to do so. The world of social media, if you didn’t already know, is growing by leaps and bounds every year, and with smartphones and tablets with built-in social media apps becoming as common as the rhinovirus, you can be sure that the influence social media has over the decisions people make will only grow stronger.
Then, of course, there is old reliable – email marketing. Not too long ago, email marketing was considered a passé tool for promoting and marketing. But, take a look at your inbox. Email marketing is back and in a huge way. Groupon and Living Social are two perfect examples of email marketing at it’s most successful.
So what does this mean for you, the blogger looking to hit it big?
It means that if you want to make the most of your promoting buck (an odd choice of words, I know since both social media sites and email cost little to nothing), then wouldn’t it make sense to combine the promoting power of social media and email marketing?
Of course it would. And here are a few ways to do just that.
Email Marketing and Social Media

Share-Worthy Content

This first tip is pretty simple. People are more apt to share exciting, fun content like videos or podcasts than run of the mill blog posts or price lists. Think about it this way. What are you more likely to forward to a friend, a photo ad or a funny video? If you keep your content in your emails interesting and engaging, the higher the odds of your content being shared on social media sites.

Encourage The Sharing Mood

As much as you would like them to, people don’t generally pass on promotional emails to their friends with excitement. Maybe once in a while, a blog post or coupon will be so fantastic that the person may share it with a friend or two, but that doesn’t really build your brand in any significant way.
Now – if you simply add social sharing buttons to your emails, that’s a whole different story. By adding these social sharing buttons, you’re inviting you’re readers to share your content with all of their contacts with one swift click of a button.

Start An Archive

So, you have a backlog of promotional email that you’ve sent, all of which have social sharing links attached. Now what? Do you just let these past emails dissipate into the ether until they’re forgotten? No way! Those emails still have a lot of life in them.  You just have to know how to coax it out.
Start an archive on your website of all the past emails that you’ve sent and put those emails to work. The great thing about archiving your emails is that you increase the odds of someone finding your blog via a random web search because you’ll have that many more pages on your website. More website hits means more visitors.

Develop A Sense Of Community

In the same way that there are bloggers just like you out there who want to build an audience, there are social sharing communities all over the web that are looking to help bloggers do just that. It’s a beautiful concept. A group of like-minded bloggers and business folk upload their emails and newsletters to one specific site, making them available to every member of the communities audience because it’s a shared site. Minimal work, maximum payoff.

The Mobile Solution

I mentioned mobile devices at the beginning of this article and how they seem to be everywhere these days. A great way to combine your emails with social media is to optimize your emails for viewing on mobile devices. There was a time when people only checked their email at work or at home. These days, people check their email in line at the ATM or waiting for their meal at a restaurant.
Make your emails mobile friendly, don’t forget those handy social sharing buttons, and you’re sure to see a spike in your email views.

Promote Yourself

For my last tip, I’m gonna go a bit old school. Every time you send out a new email, get on Twitter and let your followers know. Log into Facebook and plaster it on your wall. With all the work you are going to put in trying to use other people’s social networks, it’s easy to forget that you’ve got a social network as well. Don’t forget to use it.


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